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The free upper limb is cervical nerve lying in the middle of the limb. divided into the arm between the shoulder and This pattern of motor innervation, in simple elbow, the forearm between the elbow and the terms, progresses from C5 for shoulder move- wrist, and the hand beyond the wrist. The hand ments to Tl for intrinsic hand movements, has an anterior or palmar surface, and a with the elbow being served by C5 and 6, the posterior or dorsal surface (Fig. 2). The bones of the upper limb are the clavicle forearm by C6, the wrist by C6 and 7, and the and scapula of the pectoral girdle, the humerus fingers and thumb by C7 and 8.

Nevertheless, it is often necessary to identify and manipulate these deeper structures through the skin, and also to test their function, effectiveness and efficiency. To do this the examiner relies heavily on sensory information provided by his or her own skin, particularly that of the digits and hands. Indeed, the skin of this region is so richly endowed with sensory nerve endings that it allows objects to be identified by touch alone, culminating in the ability of the blind to read with their fingers.

Their ducts may be associated with a hair follicle or they may open directly onto the skin surface. The secretions of the glands include some disintegration products of the gland cells (apocrine secretions). The odour associated with these glands is not from the secretion itself, but is due to bacterial invasion and contamination from the skin. Pigment granules associated with axillary glands produce a slight coloration of the secretion. The apocrine glands vary with sexual development, enlarging at puberty.

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