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By Noah Lemos

ISBN-10: 0521842131

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Epistemology or the speculation of information is likely one of the cornerstones of analytic philosophy, and this booklet presents a transparent and obtainable advent to the topic. It discusses a few of the major theories of justification, together with foundationalism, coherentism, reliabilism, and advantage epistemology. different issues comprise the Gettier challenge, internalism and externalism, skepticism, the matter of epistemic circularity, the matter of the criterion, a priori wisdom, and naturalized epistemology. meant essentially for college kids taking a first-class in epistemology, this lucid and well-written textual content may additionally offer a superb creation for a person drawn to realizing extra approximately this significant region of philosophy.

Part of the Cambridge Introductions to Philosophy sequence.

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Since Smith is justified in believing (f) and sees that (f) entails (g)À(i), he is justified in believing each of them. But, suppose that (f) is false. Jones does not own a Ford, but has been recently driving a rented car. Moreover, suppose that by sheer coincidence and utterly unknown to Smith, Brown is in Barcelona. In other words, (h) is true. So, again, the following conditions are met: (i) (h) is true, (ii) Smith believes that (h) is true, and (iii) Smith is justified in believing that (h) is true.

E is evidence for believing that p, but e and d is not evidence for believing that p. Let’s consider two examples that illustrate the concept of defeat. Suppose that a certain table looks red to you. Let’s call this bit of evidence, a. Now consider the proposition that the table is red. Let’s call this proposition, b. We may say that a is evidence for b. We may say that the fact that the table looks red to you offers some support for the proposition that the table is red. Now, suppose that you get some additional information.

If some instances of justified true belief aren’t instances of knowledge, then traditional JTB accounts, such as D3, are mistaken. 1 Case 1. Smith and Jones have applied for a certain job. Smith has strong evidence for the following proposition: (d) Jones is the man who will get the job and Jones has ten coins in his pocket. Let us suppose that Smith’s evidence for (d) is that the company president has assured Smith that Jones will get the job and let us suppose that Smith has only minutes ago counted the coins in Jones’s pocket.

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