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This publication comprises lectures - given in 1988 and 1989 respectively - which belong to Karl Popper's overdue paintings, such a lot of that's nonetheless unpublished. the 1st introduces a brand new view of causality, according to Popper's interpretation of quantum thought, but freed of trouble. it's a new view of the universe - a view that simply merges with the common-sense view that our will is loose. the second one lecture supplies a glimpse of human wisdom because it evolves from animal wisdom. either lectures were increased through Popper for book.

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Although experiments in the physics of sound and optics undoubtedly affected early laboratory practice in psychology, the systematic and programmatic aspect of psychological experimentation was clearly not derived from physics but from physiology. 20 Wilhelm Wundt frequently talked about adopting the experimental method from physiology. Let us see what was being imported into psychology here. 21 The older generation of physiologists represented by Johannes Miiller (d. 1858) did not regard physiology as an essentially experimental science, although they might perform experiments from time to time.

In this it was greatly encouraged by a swelling tide of scientism during the closing years of the nineteenth century. The triumphal progress of the natural sciences helped to promote the belief that their methods were the only methods for securing useful and reliable knowledge about anything. Insights and explanations that could not be tied directly to these methods were empty speculations unworthy of serious attention. The split between the natural sciences and the social and humanistic disciplines had finally become an unbridgeable chasm and psychology was caught in the middle, forced to one side or the other.

The psychological laboratory 21 Kant's contribution to the history of psychology was therefore ambiguous. Although he provided the field with a clear identity, separate from philosophy, he also awarded this field a rather low status. 8 To become a science, its special method of introspection would have to yield to mathematical treatment in the way that the visual data of astronomy, for example, yielded to mathematical treatment. But this would not happen, and so the subject had no future as a science.

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