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By Jorge J. E. Gracia

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This can be the 1st accomplished and systematic conception of textuality that takes under consideration the appropriate perspectives of either analytic and Continental thinkers and in addition of significant historic figures. the writer exhibits that the majority of the confusion surrounding textuality is the results of 3 components: a too-narrow knowing of the class; a scarcity of a formal contrast between logical, epistemological, and metaphysical matters; and an absence of right grounding of epistemological and metaphysical questions about logical analyses. the writer starts off with a logical research of the proposal of textual content leading to a definition that serves because the foundation for the differences he as a result attracts among texts at the one hand and language, artifacts, and artwork items at the different; and for the class of texts in accordance with their modality and serve as. the second one a part of the booklet makes use of the conclusions of the 1st half to unravel a number of the epistemological matters that have been raised approximately texts via philosophers of language, semioticians, hermeneuticists, literary critics, semanticists, aestheticians, and historiographers.

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I shall, however, begin by discussing meaning before I turn to its specificity. 15 The nature of meaning has received substantial attention in contemporary philosophy. To consider it in any satisfactory manner would require the kind of analysis that would take us far from the subject matter of the present investigation. Fortunately, we do not need to dwell on the intricacies of contemporary semantic theory to establish the distinction between a text and its meaning. ) For present purposes, the discussion that follows should suffice.

But that is because 'meaning' is used only in the sense of purpose. However, if meaning is understood both as purpose and as what is understood, then there is no difficulty for a text to be meant to carry out an action in the sense of having that purpose and at the same time for its meaning to be an object of understanding. ) If one looks at the examples provided, it becomes clear that, for those texts to cause, prevent, or carry out actions, they must be understood. Thus the conveyance < previous page page_20 If you like this book, buy it!

This is the case of 'P,' which stands for the order to print in my word processing program. Indeed, when one looks around, one finds many such examples. Therefore, it becomes very difficult, if not impossible, so the argument goes, to maintain that texts are always composed of signs. This reason, taken from the side of texts, may be questioned on the basis of ordinary use, for the ordinary use of 'text' seems to confirm the view that texts are always composed of signs. " The term 'text' is generally reserved for compositions of signs.

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