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By B. Chandrasekaran; K. Annadurai; E.Somasundaram

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4. 5. 6. 7. ). The geology of Indian sub continent is as follows: I. Timeline of Mesozoic Era (~251 Ma to ~66 Ma) A. Triassic period ( ~251 Ma to ~204 Ma) - This period was the earliest period of the Mesozoic era, or the corresponding system of rocks, marked by the first appearance of the dinosaurs. B. Jurassic period (~204 Ma to ~136 Ma) - This period is the period of the Mesozoic era, between the Triassic and the Cretaceous or the corresponding system of rocks, marked by the presence of dinosaurs, and the first appearance of birds.

In • Since the growth of agricultural sector was very slow it failed to create enough opportunities for additional employment. It has resulted in widespread under-employment and arising backlog of unemployed. The proportion of working population engaged in agriculture in other countries is very small. K. , 6 per cent in Australia and 7 per cent in France. In backward and underdeveloped countries the proportion of working population engaged in agriculture is quite high. For instance, it is 42 per cent in Egypt, 52 per cent in Indonesia and 72 per cent in China.

If the barrel has stones of different heights, the lowest one establishes the capacity of the Barrel. Nitrogen has the lowest share, establishes the maximum capacity of the barrel. Accordingly, the growth factor in lowest supply (whether climatic, edaphic, genetic or biotic) sets the capacity for yield. Similarly a soil deficient in nitrogen (N) can’t be made to produce well by adding more calcium (Ca) or potassium (K) where they are already abundant. 10. In 1875, Michigen State University was established to provide agriculture education on college level.

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