Norman Kemp Smith's A Commentary to Kant’s ‘Critique of Pure Reason’ PDF

By Norman Kemp Smith

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Of all of the significant philosophical works, Kant's Critique of natural cause is among the so much worthwhile, but the most tricky. Norman Kemp Smith's statement elucidates not just textural questions and minor concerns, but additionally the important difficulties which come up, he contends, from the conflicting traits of Kant's personal pondering. Kemp Smith's remark remains to be famous with Kant students, and it's being reissued right here with a brand new creation by means of Sebastian Gardner to set it in its modern context.

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To th e general plan , based upon professedly logical principles, Kant has himself give n th e title, architectonic; and h e carries it out with a th oroughness to which all oth er cons ide rati ons, and eve n at ti mes t ho se of sound reasoning, are made to give way. Ind eed , he clings to it with the unreason ing affection wh ich not infrequ ently attaches to a favourite hobby. He lovingly elab ora tes even its min or det ail , and is rewa rded by a framework so ext rem ely com plica ted that the m ost h eterogen eo us content s can be tid ily arranged, side by side, in its m any com part me nts.

Kant 's position, when t hus stated, differs from th at of Leibniz only in its clearer grasp of the issues and difficu lties involved , an d conseq uen tly in the mor e subtle, perti nacious, and th orough goin g characte r of the argument by which it is esta bli she d . Its revolution ary characte r first appears when Kant further argues, in extensio n of the teaching of Hume, that th e formal, relati onal elemen ts are of a synthetic na ture. The slgni ftcan ce and scope of this conclusion can hard ly be exafgerated .

1 The "four to five months" may be dat ed in th e latt er half of 1780. The printing of t he Critique was probably com menced in December or Janu ary 1780-178 1. But the Critique is not merely defective in clearness or po pularity of exposition. That is a com mon failing of meta ph ysical treatises, especia lly when they are in th e German language, and migh t pass wit hou t specia l remar k. What is m uc h m or e seriou s, is tha t Kant flat ly co n tradic ts himself in almost every cha pte r; and 'th at there is h ard ly a tech n ical term wh ich is not em ployed by h im in a variety of d ifferent and conflicting senses .

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